BUBO® – Miss nothing


Versions: High power LED luminaires in B1, B2 and B3 class
Power up to 1 540 W
Light output up to 162 000 lm
Efficacy up to 130 lm/W

Optics: Standard symmetrical optics with 12, 34, 70 and 110 degree light distribution beam

IP and IK class: IP66, IK08
Protection class: CL I
Luminaire ambient temperature range: Up to -40…+60°C depending on drive current
Operating environment: Both indoors and outdoors
Mintenence free operating life: Up to 150 000 ours, depending on luminaire model
Control: DALI as standard, optional 1–10 V available, also compatible with wide range of intelligent control methods

Mains voltage: 230 VAC (operation voltage range:198–264 VAC)
Frequency: 50/60 Hz
Power factor: PF>0,95
Surge protection: Standard 4 kV/6 kV – L-N/L-GND, N-GND

Thermal protection: Standard bi-funtional protection with active power adjustment function. Gradual turn-on process in cold environments for protection of LED components.

Installation: Flexible with a range of mounting accessories. Precision aiming device available.
Guarantee: 5 years

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BUBO lighting system is designed for large area illumination. Our biggest and brightest luminaires are available in one, two or three module systems and offer unbeateble light efficacy. This makes BUBO the right choice for stadions and areas, ports, storage fields, airports and cranes.

The cost effective BUBO is assempled in a tough pressure casted aluminium chassis. The luminaire requires little maintenance and has a long lifespan of several decades.

The even, flicker-free light is compatible with current broadcasting requirements, which is especially important in sports broadcasting.